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  • Do you think proposals are just magic’d up? Do you think they don’t have to show that they work? Do you even think they’re the first to implement this proposal? Because Google already implemented it.

    And for the record

    [Mozilla] Together with our co-authors from Meta, we’ve recently proposed IPA to the Private Advertising Technology Community Group, or PATCG. PATCG is a group in the W3C specifically formed to work on improving advertising without compromising on privacy.

  • What I mean as beforehand is before it lands in nightly. If the Figma links weren’t locked down, people would’ve said it’s a shit idea before the first patch was even written.

    I can also assure you that Firefox is a passion for many of the people who work on it. Some of them are pretty active on Mastodon, too.

    You’re probably right, but it feels like there’s a lot more Google and Apple rejects than people that have the aspiration to make Firefox the best browser the world has ever seen. Admittedly, that’s subjective.

    Anyway, I want to thank you, though I gave you a stupid-hard time, I did enjoy our conversation and I’m glad we found middle ground.

  • I enjoy using Nightly. I enjoy testing things and shaping the future of Firefox. My issue however, is that of late, a bunch of people have infiltrated Mozilla and kneecapped community contribution, even so far as that, when something like this was brought up around Firefox 4, it was discussed prior to landing.

    Just to be clear, I have no issue with this feature in itself, I have an issue with the lack of option to toggle it off. More so, because I believe anyone that had to use Firefox Nightly for Android as their only browser for 48 hours wouldn’t be okay with this.

    It’s indicative of the broader problems. American adults have an Apple fetish and think everything should walk, talk and act like iOS, however the rest of the world prefers Android (for a myriad of reasons, cost being high on the list) and they can’t work out why. It’s funny because even tech YouTubers prefer Android, even though they generally walk with both. But these people that eat and sleep iOS, are making decisions about products they don’t use and it’s annoying and frustrating. Yes, Mozilla and Firefox are a job, but with the right community liaison, they can actually recruit people for whom Firefox is also a passion.

  • Finally! Thank you for that. It’s a shame we let it come to this, as elsewhere in this post, we’re arguing on the same side and that’s the side of reason.

    Regarding the URL bar. There’s a bunch to be honest. Most of which don’t affect the average user, but that’s why it should be an about:config option at the very least.

    The ones that affects me most, is that as a self-hoster, I have a bunch of services at localdomain.local:port and they all differ. This change only shows the same URL for each.

    Even when I’m in GitHub, I have to scroll to the top of the page just to see what repository I’m in.

    There are also some security implications raised here

  • It very much is the point. Whether we like it or not, fingerprinting is one of the dark practices that measures like this are designed to prevent. Where advertising publishers, take information that should be innocuous and use that to identify you, across a myriad of sites, thus identifying your browsing habits and what is trending and most importantly what you’re spending on. To say that’s not the point is ridiculous, because that’s the very point. That’s why Firefox has to bring in cookie isolation, without your explicit consent BTW, along with ETP and a bunch of the other things I mentioned above. And what did the advertising industry and the likes of Meta do? Find new ways to track you and identify you. Luckily, while Firefox was playing whack-a-mole, a proposal was put forward to the W3C. It says, hey if web publishers of the advertising kind can receive some specified data, can you be happy with that? After a lot of negotiation, they settled on a compromise and agreed to shun all that didn’t agree, on the advertising side. There was just one last step, the proof-of-concept! Mozilla said, we’re independent, we care about our users and we have enough users to provide a decent sample, let’s lead the charge on this and improve the Internet, but they should’ve hinged the progress of the entire world wide web on your consent, when you’re not even willing to understand what the question is.

    Oh well, have a good day.

  • It’s a weird conversation rabbit hole I’ve been dragged down, where I said something that factually correct, you refuted it

    But it hasn’t landed in a Firefox release yet.

    And then there’s been a bunch of back and forth where I’m like, someone is wrong on the Internet and you’re like, “I’m Vincent, Vincent’s are never wrong and besides, why would it matter anyway?” or something along those lines.