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  • Never heard of it, but it will stop working eventually not because of QT, but due to updated distros replacing aging or insecure libraries or compilation tools that will be incompatible with this software. You would have the option of keeping it running on an older LTS release of something, but eventually that will also run out. Best to just find an alternative that is actively developed at some point.

  • Just using DD like this is not doing a bit clone of your drive. What you want to do can be done with DD on a blank disk (no filesystem), but you might as well just use gparted and make it easy on yourself. Otherwise, you need make sure the source and destination disks have the exact same geometry and such…it’s just more steps you seem to not want to take. Just take the easy route.

  • The only solid reason I can think carry anything on a USB stick is if you’re going to be in an area without Internet. If you’re in an IT role where you’re interacting with end-user machines all the time, then the answer would obviously be some sort of live environment to troubleshoot or fix issues. In that case, load a Ventoy partition with a few different images, and and be done with it I guess.

    If you’re thinking like a Prepper or whatever, keep a copy of Wikipedia, and some survival books maybe? Maps? That’s all I can think of. If you’re going this far, better carry a backpack with portable solar panels, a large battery, and a lifejacket. None of this matters when you don’t have food and water though, so…

  • Okay, so you need to match the uid/gid of your user on the client machine with whatever is on the host volume machine because it seems like your auth is not set right. You probably want a dedicated user. If you’re not sure what that means, just move on to the next bit.

    On Windows machine: create new user, make sure ownership is set in permissions, log in with that user on the client machine. Then you won’t need sudo. You can Google to find more explanation, but that’s the gist.

    If you need to sudo to create files, it means your Windows share isn’t allowing whatever authenticated user you have doesn’t have permissions to actually write on the Windows machine.

  • Lol, WTF are you talking about? Every bit of this is ignorant. Let me correct you so you’re not running around embarrassing yourself:

    1. SteamOS was based on Debian. Never had anything to do with Ubuntu. The reason they switched was because it was easier to use an Arch build system to make their own base OS image immutable, but still build native modules to include as well as BSP drivers. Simple.
    2. Ubuntu is the most widely used base of Linux on the planet, desktop and cloud included.
    3. Valve writes their own modules for their drivers. This is the dumbest thing you’ve asserted so far in that Ubuntu somehow is responsible for drivers. Because you seem to know nothing about Linux in general, I’ll just let you know the kernel handles the detection and loading of modules and drivers. Any distro on 6.8 has the same ability to detect and load drivers for any other distro running 6.8. I have no idea why you thought this had something to do with packaging in distros lolz.
    4. Do you know what a backport is? It seems you do not.

    Anyway, your entire understanding of how everything works is wrong. You should read more.